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All About Weddings
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Wedding Crafts

Creativity is our specialty, so if you don't see it, tell us what you want and we'll try to make it just for you.

Decorated Guest Book

Satin & Lace Flower Girl Basket

Satin Birdseed Roses

Custom Guest Book

Gorgeous Pew Bows

Here are some examples of products we can offer:

* Ring Bearer Pillows

* Place Cards

* MONEY TREES!!--A tasteful alternative for the newlyweds who don't need another toaster.

* Wedding Scrolls / Wedding Programs

* Wedding Invitations / Thank you cards

* Wedding Favors
* Satin Birdseed Roses
* Tulle Birdseed Packs
* And Much More!

We can adapt each product to fit specific customer needs. Contact us with your needs and we can work with you on the product specifications.

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The Way We Think...

As we see it, every Wedding should be as special and unique as the bride is herself. After all, IT IS HER DAY!!

For example, when browsing local wedding boutiques, you're only going to find the same items in the same colors that the last 500 brides-to-be had to choose from.WHY? Because for some reason, the retail market has refused to change along with styles. Nowadays, brides want their wedding to reflect their own individual personality and style. AND WHY SHOULDN'T THEY? 

That's why we're here. You can have any item that we offer made EXACTLY the way you want it, in the colors that YOU decide on.
Take a step away from the WHITE and IVORY. Be bold, be unique, be yourself, BE COLORFUL !

All About Weddings* 9775 Beckley Road* Spanishburg, WV* US * 25922